We get 100’s of yellowjackets each year on our front porch in the spring and they sting us all the time. they’re very bothersome, particularly to my kids, and I’d like to get rid of them. Any ideas/suggestions on how to eliminate the activity? Last year I tried those yellowjacket traps to no avail. I can’t see their nest anywhere but hang over the rocks and around our front porch over a large area. once the sun comes up they seem to appear and hang around all day. if you get too close they get mad and will sting Help!!

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I was wondering what I can use to as a mosquito spray that would be ok on my collie? She mostly lives outdoors and the flies and mosquitoes are eating her alive. Do you have some kind of concentrate I can use up that’s ok to spray on her? I live in Michigan.

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I have this tree in my back yard (I dont know what kind) and a few days ago I noticed this white foamy substance running down the trunk of the tree. There were all kinds of bees, flies, hornest, and other stinging insects on this foam. Some of the insects I have never seen before but they look like they would really hurt you if it stung you. Anyway, the insects have completely devoured this white foam, but they are still swarming the tree anyway. It is right outside my back door and I am terrified of getting stung. Any idea what might be going on?

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